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  • branding
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    We are all unique and individual in our own right. We have a personality, a look, a style and tone of voice, which is just the same when creating, designing and implementing a brand across an environment to appeal to your target audience.

    Whether its brand strategy, logo creation, re-positioning, packaging, stretch or digital communications, our wealth of experience can achieve brand designs that are above and beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Bloo
    Jeyes brief was to re-position Bloo as a toilet freshener. Research told us that Bloo gives you piece of mind that your toilet will always be spotless and fresh in between your weekly clean.

    In response to this we created a sparkly, squeaky clean iconic brand device, building in an invigorating splash for a Bloo kind of freshness.
  • Ilchester Cheese
    Our task was to modernise the Ilchester cheese brand, to work across a range of Regional, Blended and Branded products. The existing brand was seen as old fashioned and a new positioning was required to work in the UK and International markets.

    We re-positioned the brand to own British Speciality Cheese as there was a strong trend in the market supporting British farms and products. Ilchester are proud to be British and they are currently celebrating 50 years in Somerset for 2012.
  • Homefire Coal
    Homefire is the market leading coal brand that can be found on petrol forecourts. Our task was to modernise the brand and create a strong identity that could develop into a Homefire range of products.

    Our response was to create a warm cosy logo, which repositioned the brand from functional product to lifestyle.We put Homefire at the “heart of the fire” and have developed the brand across to a range of products that work cohesively in a forecourt environment.
  • Slug Banned
    Our task was to create a brand identity for a range of copper products which are used to protect garden plants against those nasty slugs.The advantages of using these products over slug pellets are many, they are non poisonous, have no dangerous chemicals, 100% organic, long lasting and will not harm birds, hedgehogs and other animals.

    Our response was to create a brand which visually represents the proposition, and to position this as a natural product which cares about the environment.
  • inthespirit
    First Drinks required a new brand to launch a consumer website that supported its range of liquors and mixers.

    Madeyoulook created the web strategy, brand name creation and design for the brand inthespirit, which is the most comprehensive, definitive cocktail guide in the UK, with over 180,000 visitors every month.