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    We have been creating designs for packaging and NPD since the 1970’s when John Brimacombe, our late founder, set up his business as one of the first London design agencies specialising in packaging design.

    Over that time we have seen lots of changes in trends, markets, products and brands, but the task remains the same: How to communicate the product, to stand out, build brand share, create loyalty and increase sales through inspirational pack designs that connects to its consumers. Our experience in branded packaging is second to none, we can say that with confidence.

  • Frootz
    Frootz fruit drops have always been a naturally sweet, healthy alternative for mums and kids. NEW Frootz has a new product recipe which is not only 100% fruit, but gives you '1 of your 5 a day'!

    Our new pack design communicates a new fruitier juicier proposition, which is fun as well as being virtuous. We created new characters and simple honest graphics. We took the pack design across 15 skus to complete the brand transformation.
  • Unibond
    Unibond, the No. 1 adhesive brand, were to launch a new comprehensive range of tapes.

    The Unibond brand was retained as a simple graphic linking with other products under the brand umbrella. High impact photography and graphics demonstrated visually, how each tape could be used, building in colour coding. The products form a smart addition to the Unibond portfolio.
  • Ilchester Cheese
    To create a cohesive look for a Somerset cheese manufacturer who had 3 well-known brands and a range of speciality blended & regional cheeses.

    We created a brand mechanic for the logo and a cohesive structure that allowed the 3 brands and both ranges to work in their own right, as well as cohesively. Applewood brand saw a rise in sales of 52% in the first year when re-launched.
  • Mondo Berry Teas
    To create designs for a new range of Herbal Infusions for speciality brand Mondo Berry.

    A designer’s delight, a range of natural products that endorsed the brand values of Mondo Berry, a world berry brand. We created a simple wave graphic in a sea of pale green herbal infusion, with minimalist copy with colour coding between the varieties.
  • CPL
    Our task was to update their range of brands to create a cohesive look.

    We re-positioned the range from functional to lifestyle, putting the brand at the heart of the fire, creating a warm cosy environment reminiscent of the product. This was then extended to all products in their portfolio for CPL coal merchants, the largest provider of UK garage forecourt products.
  • Jarlsberg
    To implement the new International Norwegian Jarlsberg design, across to UK and European markets.

    New pack varieties were required for UK and Europe to make the product more adaptable for our makets for in the form of Slices, blocks and Minis, which were developed across to original, Lite and Reserve varieties.
  • Simpsons Cheese Slices
    Whoo hoo... eat me, stack me, melt me, these meltingly versatile slices won't stay in your fridge for long, great for any hot or cold snack, toasties, burgers and sandwiches.

    Our brief was to create a sub brand to represent the usage proposition, balanced off against the popular Simpsons brand.

    Watch this space for more additions to this range coming soon...
  • Applewood Cheese
    Applewood cheese was created in 1965 in Ilchester, a village deep in the heart of Somerset.

    It is now  the UK's number one Smoke Flavoured Cheddar Cheese, and we have built a brand that reflects this. We re-positioned the brand and set it in the heart of the British countryside. The little sign and natural landscape was created in warm tones to reflect the unique smoky taste which is perfect for recipes or just nibbling.
  • Parozone Bleach
    In a competitive busy sector , we re-positioned the brand and gave it a NEW strong protective proposition. The shield device with the house roof top not only communicates the strength and protection, but endorses the heritage and efficacy of Jeyes, a brand you can trust.

    The Parozone brand name was retained in its identity for recognition. The colour red was chosen to reflect this challenger brand strategy and to reflect Parozone’s, strongest ever bleach product.
  • Sunpride 100% pure squeezed orange juice
    We re-positioned the brand for their fresh juice range by adding a natural leaf to the brand name. We used vibrant zesty colours for the fruit, balanced with natural leaf tints to endorse the brand values across the pack for their freshest looking juice. Makes everyday a sunny breakfast morning!