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  • research stimulus
    ideas and opportunities...
    Madeyoulook are image specialists, our mood boards are created by designers who understand how images work together collectively, to explore propositions and positioning for a new brand or product.

    Concept boards are a cost effective way of testing the market and showing a new idea or opportunity quickly, prior to full design development. They can be used for NPD, new formats, new flavours, brand stretch, ideas and brand naming.

    Here are some we made earlier to demonstrate our thinking and finish

  • Soul Food
    Proposition mood board for soul Food.
  • Soul Food
    Our concept for a range of natural food products with active ingredients, that work with your body.

    Proposition: Eat, live and give a little.

    Added benefits: Fair trade, one of your five a day, recyclable biodegradable packaging, added vitamins, nutrients and minerals.
  • In Season
    Proposition mood board for seasonal produce.
  • In Season
    Our concept for a range of seasonal fruit and vegetable products, to support British farms and regional suppliers across the UK.

    This concept was created for a large retailer to bring seasonal produce into their stores in a natural and believable way, keeping printing and packaging costs to a minimum.